Media Policy

·       Media will be given full independence within the working perimeters decided by the government. Media will be allowed to openly criticize if they observe anything wrong in the government policies. Also media advice will be incorporated in the steps government will be taking.
·       Media can play a very positive role in educating the population. The people need to know what are their duties towards the society as well as what are their rights.

·       Media can teach how the people should be treated by government departments and private companies which providing services in the country. They need to know the consumer rights. A helpline on every city basis will be established where people can complain if they are not treated well by any department / company.

·       Media can also help in educating public with regards to the payment of various taxes. Such as how, where, when and how much to pay the tax. People will be facilitated to the maximum to collect the tax in an efficient manner.
·       Traffic rules, government policies and other rules and regulations can be taught to the people especially the young people to prepare our coming generation to become a better citizen.

·       Our national achievements and important policies will also be communicated to the masses to keep their morale high and the momentum of the revolution alive.
·       Mandatory prime time slots will be allocated for educative quiz programs which can be for school/ college / university students as well as general public.  

·       There will also be informative / research oriented programs such as we have on channels Discovery and National Geographic etc.

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