War on Terror

Madrassa system is one of the biggest NGOs of Pakistan. Free education is provided to the poor children along with accommodation and meals. Majority of the madrassas around the country are doing a wonderful job. However, major disadvantage remains of the students qualified from there often fail to integrate in the main stream and hence could not rise in their future endeavors.  Moreover very few of these institutes are spreading the teachings of violence and extremism. This will not be tolerated.
·         There is an urgent need to review the policy on war on terror. We have lost thousands of innocent lives and billions of USD the fight against terrorism. No foreign country will be allowed to pressurize in our stance on war on terror. No more drone attacks, no more bullying from any country will be accepted.
·         All fighting groups will be given 7 days of time to leave the weapons and hand themselves to the newly formed government. Full chance will be provided to them to be part of the normal society.
·         Thousands of innocent citizens of Pakistan have been killed by the terrorists yet no terrorists or their leaders have been capture and punished by our judicial system. Therefore limited martial law will be enforced in the KP and the tribal belt under which military courts will be established for speedy trials. Punishments will be given and announced in media to create deterrence.
·         Witnesses, informers, prosecutors and judges will be given full constitutional cover along with heavy incentive.
·         In no way export of terrorism will be allowed to any country. Other countries will be asked to reciprocate in the same manner.
·         Madrassa syllabus will be revised to remove those teachings of extremism and terrorism. Other subjects like include literature, science, arts will also be included in their syllabus. Qualified madrassa students will be required to study in public schools after they are done with religious studies. They will be given admission in intermediate classes for other studies.
·         Any person affiliated with any madrassa system if found involved in spreading extremism or sectarianism will be punished along with his highest religious leader.
·         Thorough de-weaponisation campaign will be launched. No one will be allowed to keep any weapon of any sort. Private arms and ammunition will be kept in central kotes held in police stations.
·         With our borders with Afghanistan fenced, our tribal areas will be brought in to regular Pakistan territory. Social uplift projects like schools, roads, hospitals will be established with the assistance of NGOs and our friendly countries.

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