Pakistan, The Beautiful

  • Northern Areas of Pakistan are rich in gems, fruits and dry fruits. These areas are very popular for the tourism.
Hut and tree in a Pakistani Village
Northern Pakistan - A View

Snow covered hill and blue lake in the foreground
A blue lake in northern areas

green valley with blue river
Swat river in north of Pakistan
Kachura lack in Skardu, Pakistan
Shangrilla Skardu in Pakistan

Blue water river in Punjab, Pakistan
A riverview in Punjab, Pakistan
Green grass in Swat Valley, Pakistan
Swat river, Pakistan

  • Deserts of Pakistan are rich in diversity, and have extreme temperatures in day and night and round the year. Our deserts are rich in wild life as well as natural resources. We have one of the biggest mines of coal in our one of the deserts.
Blue sky in hot Pakistani desert
Evening in Pakistani desert
A camel rider in a Pakistani desert
Cholistan Desert
One of the biggest coal reserves in the world
Thar coal mine in Thar desert
Pakistani desert with a famous fort
Fort in a Pakistani desert

  • Beaches of Pakistan are one of the beautiful in the world. However our 800kms long is still under utilized and remains largely unpopulated. Very few cities and only three ports exist. New bigger cities and even bigger ports need to be built along our coast.
Pakistan has many extremely beautiful beaches in the world
Karachi beach

 Tourists enjoying on a Pakistani beach
Karachi beach
  • Pakistan has a reasonable good road network. At the same time we have state of the art network of motorways and highways which runs through the country as blood lines of the economy.

 Pakistan has good road infrastructure
Islamabad interchange in Pakistan

  •  Seasons of Pakistan. We have all four seasons, hot summers, chilly winters, colorful springs and dry autumns. Our nights are full dark and days are sunny open and shiny.  
 Pakistan has colorful spring with many flowershows
Spring flowers show in Islamabad

 Diverse weather conditions with quite cool in winters
Snowy winters of Pakistan
 Green terraces in the summers of Pakistan
Green summers in Pakistan
 Autumn is cool and romantic in Pakistan
Chilly autumn in Pakistan
 Shiny city night of Pakistan
Pakistan roads at night
  •  We are self sufficient in food requirements, our lands are fertile and our farmers are hard working.
 Cattle grazing in the grassy fields of Pakistan
Cattle in plains of Punjab
 Wheat is produced in abundance in Pakistan
Wheat fields ready for cutting
 Fruit shops are full of fruits and vegetables in Pakistan
Fruit shop in Karachi
 Self sufficient in dairy products - Pakistan
Dairy Products of Pakistan

to be continue.......


  1. Great work thanks for uploading.Be united Pakistanis we can meet any chanllangeWe love our country and feel proud to be a Pakistani. Love Pakistan & Build Pakistan.We will protect our land till the last drop of our blood. Insha-Allah

  2. I can't believe my eyes. Is it really Pakistan? So beautiful and attractive. I would love to go there and see.
    Paradise on earth.

  3. Pakistan is a huge country and that too so much attractive and beautiful. Toursim should be encouraged to flourish.

  4. Land is beautiful, people are beautiful. Life will also be beautiful if we get rid of these corrupt politicians for good. Revolution should come now and hang them all on the road, build schools and hosptials and industries for the welfare of the people. Pakistan Zindabad, Revolution Pakistan Zindabad.

  5. We, the youth of Pakistan, will take this nation to the place it deserves. My beautiful land has been misused by the corrupt and self serving rulers. Lets bring the revolution.

  6. pakistan is heaven on earth v just need unity

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