Our Manifesto

The present lot of rulers are only serving their own interests. The democratic system brings the same faces again and again into the government and common man's problems are never solved. Constitution, laws, rules are only there for the poor and weak. Rich and powerful always have a way around. There is no justice for the poor, no education , no employment, no say, no nothing for the poor. This cannot go like this forever. We are fed up of these monarchies which are ruling under the garb of political parties. We need a revolution which will empower the weak, a revolution which will educate the poor, provide him with  quality health facilities. Our revolution will provide justice to the victims and the bring guilty to the justice.

A view of the parliament house of Pakistan
Ruling elite remains aloof to people's problems
A government for the people, of the people and by the people will be established with the power of the people. Ultimate aim of that government will be to make Pakistan a welfare state which is strong, modern, liberal and democratic. A Pakistan where its people live with peace and harmony and with no fear of any sort. A land whose citizens are educated, healthy and tolerant. We aim to take Pakistan to the place it deserves and for which it was actually created by our forefathers.

A properous, greener and happier Pakistan is our dream
People aim to bring Pakistan to its place in the world
Interim Setup will be in place for a duration of 5 years to put the nation on the track. Fair and   free elections will be held when the nation is educated enough to decide for their fate. Major points of the manifesto for the interim government are:
 ·      Education Policy. Free, quality and similar education for all. State will be responsible to    provide education with the assistance of NGOs and volunteers.
·       Economic Policy. We will be utilizing the full potential of our national resources. Trade and budget deficit will be reduced, employments will be created.
·       Land Reforms. Bringing green revolution and ending feudalism. A large middle class will be created in the process.
·       Energy Policy. Water, coal and green energy. Zero reliance on energy imports.
·       Defence Policy. Strong defence to maintain peace. Large army will be slowly reduced to smarter, quicker, more efficient and smaller army.
·       Governance. Every citizen is equal in the eye of law.
·       Justice System. Quick, transparent and fair justice for all. Justice will be provided at the doorsteps, no one will have to run or wait for it.
·       Accountability. Looted money to come back to the people and no more looting will be allowed.
·       War on Terror. Immediate end to the extremism and intolerance. Clear foreign policy will be made safeguarding our interests.
·       Media Reforms. Fully vibrant, independent and nation building media. Media's opinion will be taken into consideration in policy making and important issues.
·       Religion Policy. No discrimination on religious, sect, caste and creed basis. Religion will not be allowed to be used for politics.

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