Exports of Pakistan

It is not only in agriculture that we have excelled in; Pakistan has a reasonably strong industry base. In many areas, our industry not only fully meets the local requirements but also earns valuable foreign exchange for our country.
Textile Products. Our textile products are famous world wide which account for more than 50% of our total exports. There are over 500 Textile Mills producing high quality textile products. Majority of our textile industry is based in Faisalabad while units do exist in other parts of the country also.
image showing the textile industry of Pakistan.

fibre thread made in Pakistan

Fertilizers Industry. Pakistan is one of major exporters of fertilizers with one of the world’s biggest fertilizer plant in recently constructed our country. Being an agricultural country the consumption of fertilizers is a direct indicator of the growth of the agricultural sector. Overall industry capacity is approx 7.5million tons per annum.
fertilizers factory of Pakistan
Cement Production. Total of 30 cement industrial units are meeting the local and regional requirements and contributes approx 30 billion Rs in the form of taxes. Our cement industry has a production capacity of 20 million tons out of which we exported approx 11 million tons of cement which earned 700 million US$ of foreign exchange. More than 150,000 people are employed in cement sector.
cement factory in Pakistan
Sports Goods. Located in Sialkot our sports goods industry has earned very good name for the country as well as foreign exchange. Our exports in year 2009 were than 35 million US$. Made in Pakistan footballs, soccer balls, gloves are famous all over the world.

fine quality of sports good made by Pakistan
Leather Products. Leather good are the second major export items of Pakistan after textiles. Pakistan exports are approximately 700million US$ annually. Italy is a major importer of our leather jackets, gloves and handbags.
 leather jackets are famous product of Pakistan
Surgical Instruments. Based in Sialkot, our surgical industry has a history of more than 100 years. In 2009 Pakistan exported nearly 250Million US$ worth of surgical instruments to the world.
 surgical and dental instruments made in Pakistan

Marbles and Tiles. Our natural onyx marbles and art crafts as well as synthetic tiles are other exportable items. We have large natural reserves of high quality marbles and granite. Our local labor force is trained and expert to produce tiles and other related products using the well established infra structure.
 marble tiles designs - made in Pakistan

 marble glasses and other artcrafts of Pakistan are famous
Electrical Appliances.  Our industries in Gujrat, Gujranwala and Shiekhopura are producing good quality electrical appliances like fans, room coolers, air conditioners, washing machines etc. These are export quality products which have established good reputation over a period of time. These appliances are exported to regional and other friendly countries.

 electric fans are made in Gujranwala, Gujrat & Sheikhopura, Pakistan electric motors are made and exported to many regional countries


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