Governance Policy

       Without effective governance no system can work smoothly. Our government’s primary aim will be to establish a fair, efficient and transparent system of governance in which people are empowered and they are not exploited at any level by any person or group of person.
·      Provision of Roti Kapra Makan. Effective use of the money collected under the account of Zakat, Khairat and other charities as well as NGOs assistance will be coordinated at the national level to provide food, cloth and shelter to the poor. Abdul Sattar Edhi will be the man responsible to ensure this. Where needed, the government will provide necessary means to ensure that no poor sleeps with empty stomach. People with resources will be encouraged to participate under the national umbrella. Minimum labor wages will be kept to 20,000 per month. The employer will be paying the income taxes of his employees. 

Food, cloth and shelter will be ensured for the poor 
·      Eradication of Social Inequality. Every body will be equal in the eyes of the law. VIP culture will be abolished forthwith. All government and private sector offices will be warned to treat every single common man with respect and professional care. Bribery, nepotism, kickbacks, etc. will be strictly banned with zero tolerance towards them.
Every citizen will be equal, no VIP culture
·      Maintenance of Law and Order. Protection the life, property and honor of common man will be ensured at all cost. Police will be given authority as well as full responsibility to safeguard the people living in their areas of jurisdiction. All police recruitment and postings will be strictly on merit. A strong judicial system with efficient and honest prosecution will be established to give the sense of protection to the common man.
Protection of people against crimes will be our top priority
·      Implementation of Justice and Merit. All government posts will be filled by those people who are qualified, honest and committed to their job of the post. All public servants will be continuously under the accountability of the common man of Pakistan. All contracts will be awarded through quick, transparent and efficient mechanism involving no unnecessary delays. All official meetings will be covered by media and nothing will be kept secret from the public.
Quick Justice will be provided at the doorstep
·      Protection of Consumers’ Rights. Hoarding, price over-charging and sub standard material selling will not be allowed at any level. Any body involved in such crimes will be dealt with iron hand. No Mafias will be allowed to blackmail the consumers. Daily rate list of all commodity items will be vet by the local government before the product is sold. Any complaint by any person regarding any violation will be immediately investigated. People will be educated about their rights and to complain about any shopkeeper / company selling low quality product or over-charging money by using one single telephone call. These calls will be monitored to ensure proper action is taken.
Unjustified profit making will be a crime
·      Cheap Health Care for all. Every person will be required to have a valid health insurance. All doctors will provide the health care using this insurance. Children up to the age of 18 will be provided free health care. Only government licensed doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies will be allowed to work. Any fraud in this regard will be liable to major punishment. NGOs as well as Armed Forces of Pakistan will be used in this regards to establish medical colleges and hospitals.
Proper health care will be provided to all
·      Provision of Free Quality Education. All education up till secondary school certificate will be provided free of cost by the government. School uniform, books, stationary and lunch will be provided by the school. A uniform standard of education will be maintained throughout the country. Well reputed local and international NGOs along with Armed Forces of Pakistan will be employed in the education revolution.
·      Population Control. To balance the population growth and national production, new child will be immediately banned for 10 years for those couple already having two children or more. Initially people will be educated on this and not forced to comply. Later on strict punishment will be announced for any such violation.
       Above measures will be ensured to have the faith of the people back on the government which unfortunately is not the case with the existing corrupt government. Those in the government will be the servants and not the rulers of the people. Our revolution will give the happiness, peace and satisfaction to the people of Pakistan. This is what they need the most.


  1. Every year a lot engineers go out in the market and are consumed in paper work. The genius goes and settles abroad, mediocre get in clerical stuff and average are left to roam around doing freelance works. We need to provide some place (laboratory) to the smart engineers with government support including monthly stipends. These engineers may be selected after interviews. We can invent what the world has fail to...we can go in newer directions and explore new horizons. Different types of engineers can be formed into teams for higher objectives. The objectives may be set by the market leaders, the government or the chairman / board of directors. WE CAN CONTRIBUTE A LOT. Other than the field of engineering but in medicine as well.

  2. Exactly Northerner, you are very right.
    IN small and medium level engineering we have enormous talent as well as suitable technical base. Our electrical industries in Gujranwala, Gujrat, Sheikhupura, Sialkot, Raiwind ar few to name. Engineers and technicians should be encouraged to bring to light their innivations and inventions.
    Proper encouragment, good recognition and bit of financial supervision of the government can go a long way in creating a strong engineering structure in our country.

  3. We have a problem of "do number" items being sold every where in the market. From items of daily use to medicines including life saving drugs are sold which are much below sub standard quality. Those involved in such activites should be given strict punishment. All chains including the sellers, agents and manufactures should be penalized.
    Also fake doctors with no / fake degrees should be given clear warning to pack and leave the posts for qualified people. These steps will go long way in improving the health conditions. A true revolution in our health fields.

  4. we suffer an acute shortage of nursing staff in our hospitals. We can use existing infrastructure and train number of educated men and women and provide better facilities to public