A Nation in a Deep Sleep

Present government is failing in every arena of governance but it is performing exceptionally miserable in dealing with foreign affairs. Rather it will be more appropriate to say that our politicians as a whole have failed to come up with a coherent policy in line with our national interests. Never ever, one will hear anything from so called leaders of our political parties about how India and Afghanistan are garnering efforts to malign Pakistan already tarnished image and as a result internationally isolate it in the region and globally.
Three attacks of the Afghan militants on Pakistan check posts and border villages in last one month and still it is not the Pakistani Government which is furious, it is the Afghan president condemning, huffing and puffing on Pakistan. What is this all happening? No politician, no government official, even no media hawks reacted to these violent clashes killing tens of our security personnel as well as Pakistani villagers.
Have we all lost balance and proportion of our senses? Why no media headlines, no talks shows could found it meaty enough to attract audience and participants. Is this become a routine affair now and has no more a breaking news status?
And the last thing we lived to see was that Afghan people were protesting about the role of Pakistan in destabilizing their country. Imagine Afghans condemning a country providing refuge to over 5 million Afghans for the last 3 decades?
Recent activities, especially those from the start of this year, clearly answer these three questions: Is Afghan government or politicians are more capable than ours? Answer: Yes. Is Afghans media more patriotic to their country than our media is to Pakistan? Answer: Yes. If Afghan people more alive and alert and are well led than Pakistani lambs? Answer: Yes.
Will we ever wake up? Answer: No. So keep on sleeping my nation, our limits have not reached yet!!

Imran for Insaf

The conspiracy against our country has entered in its last stages and at the same time it has become more and more obvious. Situation in the country is being worsened and no leader seems to be worried about it. Systematically, through our so called beloved media, campaign has been launched against armed forces and security agencies of Pakistan. No one can witness this type of blatant media warfare of any country’s media against their own institutions. The likes of Hamid Mir and Asma Jahangir have been passing the verdict as if they have solid proofs of army’s involvement in the killing of the journalist. We ask them, if they already have the proofs then what the commission will establish, they can simply register the FIR against ISI and drag those and others responsible to the court.
From the start of this year, the enemies of Pakistan has a launched an open war against our state institutions. On one side it is being shown to the public that USA and Armed forces are one in their interests against the people, media and government. What happened in the release of CIA agent in Lahore in May or what Admiral Mullen said recently was aimed just to show that. On the other hand, Army is being drawn into one controversy after the other. This sacred institution is fighting the battle for Pakistan; on the east border, on the western side and now being drawn into the Southern part of the country too. Clearly our enemies want our army to get involved in Karachi, and through the indiscriminate weapon licenses which were issued in thousands in the recent past, a civil war like situation be created. When Army would use power to quell the miscreants, international community and their tools like UNSC may interfere just like it did in Benghazi recently. Some of us might have noticed how the recent local issues have been internationalized, by CNN, Amnesty International or White house spokesman.
Situation is very serious, in fact grave. We need to understand the conspiracy. Some part of the media specially Jang Group (may be few more) is totally playing a negative role and in the process damaging the country. Pakistani people should be aware of it. Leaders like Nawaz Sharif and Zardari must become part of bad history if we have to survive. They are incompetent, corrupt, lack vision and in fact a security threat for the country. People must pressurize present government to give full hand to Police, Rangers and other civil LEAs, army should never be drawn into it. And lastly, thorough and across the board de-weaponization campaign should be launched forthwith. Judiciary also has to play its role. One wonders that when a suspected robber was killed by the LEFs, honorable CJP immediately ordered the removal of DG Rangers and CCPO Karachi, and now when every day , on average, 50 innocent citizens are being shot dead, where is his notices and action gone? It looks like that the CJP himself has become part of those who want to create this situation in Karachi. Was this “effective and efficient” judicial system CJP had dreamt for Pakistan?
The truth is that the present worsening law and order situation in many parts of our country is due to the non-existing justice in Pakistan; LEAs have to do something at their end to stop the miscreants because they know courts will never punish any body. The fact of the matter is that our courts have never hanged any terrorist produced in front of them in the last decade in the war against terror. This judicial system supports the terrorists and not the state. Justice, or Insaf is the demand of the day, of the people. We believe only Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) can give this to them. Dear people, vote for Imran Khan when you do it next time. Long Live Imran Khan, you are the one, we are with you.

Imran Khan - Only Choice

Only hope for the People of Pakistan
Imran khan beats all other politicians by a far distance when it comes to honesty, commitment and ability to serve the people of Pakistan. He is more educated than any other political party chief, he has a clear political background, and he has proven himself a number of times a trustworthy and honest social worker. He and only he, like our Quaid-e-Azam, can speak the language our western masters understand. No other leader is strong enough to stand this pressure. He is the man who can be an ideal diplomat; to earn respect and good response from western people you don’t need to submit yourself to them wholeheartedly, all you need is to be upright, truthful and honest. Westerners know how to bully a coward and corrupt and they respect an honest and committed person. Imran is ideally suited for this diplomatic ability.
But the question arises: How can he come to power? Is it a possibility at all? Recent events have shown that he is quite famous amongst youth, in media as well as on web, but can we expect his party to do well under the present circumstances. Our all four national main stream parties are in the power, however, things seems to be out of their control. People are frustrated by the incompetence and huge naked corruption going on by the present rulers everywhere. These rulers are only serving their own interests and are not pushed by the problems our common man is facing. These corrupt leaders have totally submitted themselves to the US and other masters. This is an ideal time for a leader like Imran Khan to rise to the people’s aspirations.
Our panel strongly believe that he needs few catalysts before he can reach anywhere near success. Firstly, PTI needs to have at least 25 – 30 good, honest and like-minded political persons in his party (Marvi Memon, Javed Hashmi, Mushahid Hussain, Saad Rafique, Azam Swati, waseem Sajjad, Raza Rabbani, are few to name). These persons presently may be part of any party who may join him for the good of the people of Pakistan before the next general elections. This will be critical to earn him required number of seats in the general election. Secondly, relatively lesser corrupt parties representing middle and lower class masses like JI, MQM and other smaller parties can join him on the simple agenda of quick and transparent accountability, economic stability and improving internal security of Pakistan. The combination of above will enable him to bypass the so called larger parties and form a government which can do a lot.
Thirdly, time has come for the nation itself to shun the sham political leaders like Zardari, Sharif brothers, and Chaudaries etc. Time requires people to cast their vote with their full conscious alive and present. People need to rise above the politics of cast, families or personal interests. We need to think for the nation, our attitude has to change. Pakistan is a gift of God, our coming generations will never forgive for our lack of action now, if God forbid we damage it with our inaction.
Last but not he least is that the EC and SCP need to do a lot before the next general elections. Only eligible persons should be allowed to contest according to the constitution of Pakistan, voters lists should be genuine and up to date, and free & fair elections should be held under the over all control of EC and Pakistan Army.
We have hope and people of Pakistan have faith in Imran. He has proven himself before that he is not afraid of accepting the challenges and looking into the eyes of the problems, for sure, he can do it again. He needs our support and by God we will give last drop of our blood for this country, for Imran Khan. Pakistan Zindabad.

Marketing Islam

Living in Europe for some time I am quite convinced that Islam and Muslims have been put really on the back foot. As if the lack of attraction and charm was not enough for Islam, the label of terrorism has done the rest. Today’s our lovely Islam appears as stinking because it has remained stagnant for centuries. Muslims in general and our few previous generations in particular have totally failed to remain in step with other contemporary religions and developments of the world. The result: we remain so backward and on the receiving end, in every field.
Analyze from the eyes of our youth who is exposed to both Islamic and other world. One sees smiling, happy, singing, modern religions and societies on one side and worried, bleeding, closed and cornered Islamic world on the other. We, the Muslims, have not presented modern Islam’s true face to our children and to the world. This is the reason that children are running away from this religion. Going to mosque or sporting beard is shameful while wearing cross pendants in the neck is a fashion.
Islam was not for the seventh century or was not for the region of it origin only. This religion came for the whole humanity and that too till the end of the world. It could not remain in its old shape as it was before. It had to adapt with the time and religion has left the cushion for such changes. But unfortunately, of late, these changes are just not coming.
In the beginning there were few changes which were adapted by the early preachers of Islam. One example is the origin of Qawali. This way of preaching was devised by our fore-forefathers keeping in view the popularity and inclination of the local public towards music and singing. Were they wrong in adapting according to the time and space they were in? The result shows they were really really successful. This method allowed them to attract the people towards them so that they can teach them. Only the means was changed, not the message!!
And what we see today is totally opposite. There is no visible charm, attraction and joy in Islam. Sorry to say, it looks boring to the youth compared to the fun one sees in other religions, e.g. Christianity.
At most what has been done is only of reactionary nature; efforts to defend the image of Islam! Khuda Ke liey or My Name is Khan are two such examples. Both aimed at showing how miserable it is to be a Muslim nowadays and somehow tried to prove that all Muslims are not terrorists.  While few would disagree with these facts but do we really need to be so defensive. Shouldn’t we be more proactive and proud of being Muslims and the believers of such a strong and true religion? Why we don’t show, for example, ”Islam is loving and open”, instead “we are not terrorists”. Same color but in different shade!
We need to do something and do it real fast. Our message needs better medium; more attractive, more charming, more appealing and of course more modern. One pro active way can be to use powerful media airing colorful, movies, dramas and other TV shows with a message. Islam is a religion of action. Instead of sitting, watching our children flowing into the folds of attractive societies in the name of progress and modernization will the biggest sin we will commit. Doing nothing will change nothing!

Challenges Pakistan Faces Today

Have we ever thought why Pakistan’s image is so bad in the world? Actually it is much more than what we can think of while sitting in Pakistan. People are afraid to come to Pakistan and for them there is no difference between Somalia, Ethiopia, Afghanistan and Pakistan. While people abroad do think like this, we know it is not true. Rather it is absolutely false! Every nation has some bad angles but they showcase only positives of their country. Have we ever seen slums in USA, they do not show it on CNN or Fox news does not mean that there are no poor people in USA. Their media will just not show such things.
Now the same media once turns towards Pakistan, they will hardly show a good thing. Either it will be dirty streets with stagnant pools of water, or a donkey cart with lots of garbage flying around. If there was an iota of our good image left, war of terror diminished that too. Pakistan was glued with the name of Afghanistan and Taliban and they called this region AfPak. This led to our extremely negative image in the eyes of the world. People see us as a failed state, a safe haven for terrorists and an extremely intolerant society. This is partly our fault and partly the media as well as our enemies. Our enemies will do everything to harm us because our loss is gain for them. But what is wrong with ourselves, at least we can put our own house in order; we are not our own enemies.
Second, a closely related, problem is our economy which is in total shambles. People do not have enough food, health care facilities, clean drinking water and you name it. Governments are responsible to provide these to the people but provided they have the money required for the purpose. Now either our government can keep on begging from other nations or it should tax the public. Begging and borrowing from abroad results into our humiliation as a nation and we have to compromise on the matters of our national interests. Second way is to tax the people. But the problem is people do not have trust on the this set of rulers as corruption is rampant. No one likes to give tax for the lavish spending of the rulers and plus the facts that the rich, powerful and rulers themselves are not paying a penny to the national kitty. Why only the salaried, middle class or poor should be taxed? So here is the deadlock!!!!
These so called leaders, the trumpeters of democracy will never tax their property or their income. These people come Pakistan only to rule; their families, majority of their wealth and their property is already safely placed in abroad. They have nothing to lose even if something wrong happens to Pakistan. They have dual nationalities of the countries they are actually loyal to; they will fly away!! Simple!
So who will be left here to face the brunt? It will be you and me!!
My dear youth! Please wake up!! We need to rise now, before it is too late. Can’t you see everyday how shamelessly they are selling us in front of their foreign masters? Barring a very few, all politicians are selfish and only come to politics to loot our national wealth! Please do question every wrong what happens around you. Do not think you are alone, be truthful and raise your voice. If not for yourself, please rise for this nation, for your future for your next generations. Should we remain beggars forever?
I strongly believe if there is a commitment at the top, majority of our issues can be solved and much of the associated miseries will go away. We need to have a committed leadership, with a correct priorities and a sound plan. We need a revolution in Pakistan. I have my views on these aspects. You may differ. Criticize on my view point, together we will gather better ideas. This is for our future which is the future of our beautiful homeland too.
Pakistan Zindabad!