Interim Setup

·      Existing system does not provide a way in which honest, middle class and competent people could come in the corridors of power.  There is nothing wrong with the democracy, per se, but can you imagine democracy to flourish in a country where hardly 30% of the population is educated, where the election commission plays in the hands of the powerful and corrupt, where you need to spend million to earn eligibility to contest and another million to run you campaign. The answer is big NO.
·      We want democracy too but we strongly believe that it will not work here without few quick revolutionary changes in our society. To bring these basic changes to transform our society into a successful democratic country an interim setup will be put in place. This setup will consist of honest, competent and patriot citizens of well known Pakistanis who have clean past and are willing to work for the nation without self interests.
·      A spirit of revolution will be invoked into the hearts of the masses with a great nationalistic speech full of emotions and character. Quick immediate steps will be announced to put the nation in the revolutionary state of mind. With the full backing of the armed forces of Pakistan, interim setup will be in place with a clear mandate. These people of known good reputation will be chosen by YOU on this blog for governing the nation for one term of five years. We have mentioned a list down with few names that we deemed capable of bringing the change to our nation. Basing on your feedback and reviews we keep on updating this list. In front of every name we have mentioned, in brackets, the recommended designation as well. You can comment on the designation allotted to any person too:
o      Chairman PTI Mr. Imran khan (Chief Executive). He is an honest person in Pakistan which is a rare commodity in Pakistan politics. Up till he has done great service to his nation, he has fulfilled all his promises. He has c clean background, is well educated and has the potential to bring the change. He is not corrupt and we would recommend him to be the head of the interim setup.
Imran Khan is one of the cleanest politicians of Pakistan

o     Honest Social Worker Mr. Abdul Sattar Edhi (In-Charge Tax, Zakat and Ushar Collection). Edhi will be responsible to collect taxes, zakat and ushar using a transparent and efficient system. At the same time Edhi will be responsible to use Zakat money to provide food and shelter to all needy of the country. This will ensure Roti, Kapra and Makan for the common man. People of Pakistan, overseas Pakistanis and other people will be encouraged to give their sadaqat, kherat and other charities to Mr. Edhi to alleviate poverty in the country. Small business loans will also be provided to make the poor families stand on their own feet.
Everybody recognizes the services and honesty of Abdul Sattar Edhi

o      Former Acting Chief Justice of SCP Mr. Rana Bhagwandas (Chairman Accountability, Truth and Conciliation Commission). Commission will have established system of prosecution, police force and trial courts to ensure speedy accountability. Full resources and authority will be given to the commission to implement its order strictly.
Rana Bhagwandas has a good repute and well trusted

o     Well known Bureaucrat Mr. Oria Maqbool Jan (Chairman Federal Public Service Commission). The commission’s main task will be ensure appointment of only honest, competent and hard working bureaucrats to various posts all over the country. Also to ensure there is swift system of accountability in the system of bureaucracy and that the public servants serve the public as per their duties for good governance.

Oria Maqbool Jan knows the services system of Pakistan

o     Former Chairman HEC Dr. Atta Ur Rehman (Education Minister). Main task will be to ensure our education reforms as per the manifesto. Education of all levels throughout the country will be the responsibility of the ministry.
Dr. Atta ur Rehman has revoltionized the higher education system of Pakistan

o     Incumbent Chairman Planning Commission Dr. Samar Mubarak (Energy Minister). Minister will put all his efforts to ensure that short, mid and long term energy resources development takes place as per our energy policy.
Dr. Samar Mubarak Mand is one of the leading scientists of Pakistan

o     Well educated politician from PML Mr. Mushahid Hussain Syed (Interior Minister). The ministry will be responsible to ensure law and order situation of the country, to carry out revolutionary police reforms and establish strong authoritative system of prosecution ad justice. End to war of terrorism and end to the extremism will be the direct result of the efforts of this ministry.

Mushahid Hussain Syed is an educated and well known politician.

o     Former Finance Minister Mr. Shahid Javed Barki (Finance, Trade and investment Minister). To bring in maximum FDI to the country and ensure good trade relations with all friendly countries in accordance with the economic policy of the governemnt.
Shahid Javed Burki is a well known economist

o     Renowned Analyst Ms. Shireen Mazari (Foreign Minister). Ministry will ensure independent, fair and free foreign policy which will be friendly to all nations of the world. Our foreign policy will non-interference to any other state’s affairs and will have zero tolerance to our internal matters.
Shireen Mazari has a strong grip over national and international affairs

o     Well read and popular Defense Analyst Mr. Ikram Sehgal (Defence Minister). Independent defence policy to support efficient and modern armed forces with a view to safeguard territorial and geographic boundaries of our country.
Ikram Sehgal is a leading defense analyst of Pakistan

o     Well Known Social Worker Dr. Asif Mahmood Jah (Health Minister). Each and every person will need to have health insurance by national insurance company. Only properly educated licensed doctors will be allowed to practice. Anybody involved in fake or sub standard medicines business will be given strict punishment. Using, selling or buying drugs will be liable for capital punishment.
Dr Asif Jah is a social worker of international repute

o     Former Chief Minister of KP Mr. Shamsul Mulk (Water Minister). Water dams, canals and other water channels will be under this ministry. New water projects for short, mid and long term will be looked after by this ministry.
Dr. Shamsul Mulk is a sound professional in the field of energy

o     Honest Media Person Mr. Talat Hussain (Information Minister). To ensure full independent and free but patriotic electronic and print media as well as internet services. Media will be given authority as well as responsibility to guide and educate the nation.
Talat Hussain is honest and straight forward media person

o     Former DG ISI Gen. Hameed Gul, Senior journalist Mr. Hassan Nisar and Defense Analyst Mr. Zaid Hamid will be advisors to Chief Executive on all matters of national policy.

Zaid Hamid is patriotic scholar of PakistanGen Hamid Gul is a scholar and former ISI Chief

Hassan Nisar is an intellectual with deep insight on the current affairs

·      This is our dream cabinet. These people will not be a burden on the economy as our present lot of rulers is. They will be living like common men but their hard work will take the nation to the starting point where the proper democratic government which will be by the people, for the people and of the people can come into place.  Your valuable suggestions are more than welcome. Please name good persons of your choice in the comments down.


  1. 1. What do you think who should be the head of the interim government?
    2. Who is the best choice for the chairman of the truth and accountability commission?
    3. Who all should be the member of the cabinet?

    Tell us your choice?

  2. I would recommend the name of Hassan Nisar, he is a very educated and well read intellectual. He can be a good person in the development of the new government policy.

  3. M 100% agree wd u
    Wht about Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan

  4. Thanks Zohaib for the comments.
    I think Abdul Qadeer khan is our Hero whose services to the Nation can never be forgotten. For sure he can be part of the interim set up.
    He can be also part of the think tank advising the government of issues of national interest.

  5. I name Sherien Mazari to be made part of the interim set up.

  6. Dr Shahid Hasan Siddiqi is very good economists and is very very sincere and clear headed person. He should be the finance minister and given full hand and full backing of the chief executive of the interim setup.

  7. I will like to add Mr Saleem Bukhari who is a senior journalist in the interim setup. A well read, educated and very patriotic Pakistani.

  8. Nushahid Hussain Syed is also recommended. Either him or Dr Shireen Mazari should be our Foreign Minister.

  9. Let there be a charter of minimum, non-negotiable demands with the top item being regaining sovereignty. It should be written in bold letters: Henceforth, all drone attacks will be responded to in kind.

    Furthermore, all CIA operatives must leave the country within 36 hours. All politicians must declare their wealth to the public within 24 hours and whatever is not declared should become public property and whatever is declared should be scrutinised by an independent commission.

    In addition, there should be a list of basic national problems for which solutions must be found within a reasonable time by an independent council of experts who should have the power to implement solutions. On top of the list will be the energy crisis, which has been blamed on corruption, poor planning, lack of resources and just about everything else. However, there are ways to estimate demand for gas and electricity and all that the country needs is a transparent and fast track procedure to meet this demand.

    It will cost money, but money is not the problem here; the problem is sheer incompetence and corruption. It has been claimed that if Pakistan were to replace its old grid wires, there will be enough electricity to meet our needs. And it has also been said that if Pakistan’s rulers were to stop their extravagance, there will be enough money to overhaul this grid system.

  10. hese incidents will never stop if we do not look at it in depth. This is something this present government just cannot do. We need a change, a revolution, a different setup. Come on the youth of Pakistan. Lets bring the revolution.

  11. I thought your article really had some meat until I saw Zaid Hamid .. Remove him and you are good to go .. keeping Zaid Hamid makes your intellect questionable.

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  13. Saleem A Choudhry9 February 2012 at 08:23

    This is a nice and commendable but simplistic effort.
    Life doesn't work that way.
    People speak on the telly and we get impressed.
    It is not essential that people who are good at words (written and spoken) will be as good at actions (comprehansive decision making and monitoring of those decisions).
    Best approach will be to support Imran Khan actively via PTI's political forum and leave him to hire or fire his team.