Our Blessed Pakistan

We are such a blessed country which has been bestowed with all what a nation requires to rise. We are rich in natural resources; we have vast agricultural lands, huge energy reservoirs, and strong human resource. Need of the hour is to harness this potential for the good of all. Proper guidance at various levels can revolutinize our country into a well developed state.
Map of Pakistan showing major administrative divisions
Provinces and administrative divisions of Pakistan
Pakistan is one of the largest Muslim population nations and is located on the strategic position between the South Asia, Central Asia and Middle East. All season flowing rivers, 1000 km plus long coast line, green fertile plains and huge energy potential are few to name in the list of blessings. At the time of creation our forefathers did not aim to bring Pakistan where we stand as nation today.
Muhammad Ali Jinnah is loved and respected in Pakistan

Muhammad Ali Jinnah - Founder of Pakistan
People of Pakistan will bring the revolution; we have all what we need. We believe in ourselves and we will use our potential to develop our homeland. In this post we aim to give you an insight into the diversity of our beautiful homeland, Pakistan:
·      Amazing Pakistan. This post shows we are not less than any other nation in the world.
·      Products of Pakistan. Ample production of diverse nature in both quality and quantity. The post reveals the major products of Pakistan.
·      Exports of Pakistan. Worldwide famous commodities of Pakistan which earn foreign exchange for Pakistan are discussed in this post.
·      Pakistan, the Beautiful. Lovely, attractive and cute Pakistan. Those aspects of Pakistan which are never shown in the media.

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  1. Yes dear awsome wording about Pakistan.We need to unite young generation is the only hope .Nice work ...