Defence Policy

  ·   Our armed forces are the pride of the nation which has come to the rescue of the nation in every time of crisis. We give full respect and acknowledge their participation in the nation building process. We have the 7th largest standing army which is only army in the Muslim world to possess nuclear arsenal. Our army is professional, capable and patriotic beyond doubt.
Pakistan's JF-17 is the pride of the nation
Indigenously produced Pakistan's Fighet Jet JF-17
Pakistan's Missile Program is one of the advanced programs in the world
Indigenously produced Pakistan's Long Ballisitcs Missile
·     Our defence industry is strong, diverse and modern. It not only fulfills our local army requirement but I also a source of earning foreign exchange for the country. We produce our own jet fighters (JF-17), main battle tank (Al-Khalid), Armored Personnel Carrier (Talha), small arms, ammunition and many more. 
Pakistan is self sufficient & exporting main battle tanks like AlKhalid
Pakistan Army's Main Battle Tank - Al-Khalid
·     Our government will maintain friendly, warm and strong relations with the neighboring countries. However, our national integrity, sovereignty as well as our ideological and geographical borders will be safeguarded at all cost. Full conventional and non conventional defence capability will be maintained.
Pakistan's SSG is known for its professional capablities
Pakistan Army's Special Service Group
·     We aim to build healthy relations with all nations of the world. These relations will be on equal and friendly basis which should serve the interests of both sides. Talks with any other nation will be open to public through media. The advantage which our geo-strategic location gives us will be fully exploited.
Pakistan's strategic location is very important for the world
Pakistan's strategic location is extremely important in the region

·     We need to invest more on the education and less on arms. Defence spending will be slowly reduced. Initially by channelizing army's human and equipment resources to economical projects.
·     Defence forces will be employed to establish one cadet college, one medical college and one technical college in every new city. These educational institutes will be managed in existing buildings. Volunteer teachers, retired people and civil society will be running these institutions voluntarily.
Cadet Colleges are doing well to provide educated youth to the nation
Cadet colleges are run by Pakistan Army
·     Our border with Afghanistan will be fenced. This may also require slight re alignment of Durand line which will be done on give and take basis to avoid porous and rugged border fence.

Pak-Afghan border will be sealed
Pak - Afghan border is rugged, porous and difficult to seal by manpower alone
·     Friendly stance will be kept with India to bring revolutionary changes in our economic ties. This will help us in the longer run to cut the defense budget by 50%.

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