Energy Policy

Energy - Main Points.  Major reasons of the current energy crisis are the scarce energy resources at hand and the wrong use of of whatever energy is avilable to the state. A clear, all compassing and effective energy policy is required to ensure the judicious use of the available energy as well as to explore more sources. Our government's energy reforms will be on war footings which will match with the requirement of the masses:
·      Ensurring self reliance on our own produced with minimum reliance on imported one.
·      Judicious use of existing resources with correct prioritization e.g. for industries etc.
·      Exploration of new energy reserves on emergency basis with the help of China, Iran etc. 
·      Quick initiation of large number of small and large dams aspower as well as water projects.
Steps to be Taken. Energy revolution will be realized using short, medium and long term measures. Steps will be taken to make our beautiful land fully energy independent. We aim not only to be self reliant in energy needs but also be importing electricity and gas to regional friends.
·      Petroleum import will be reduced to minimum immediately to reduce the trade deficit and minimize external reliance. Essential petroleum needs will be fulfilled by local production.
Petroleum imports will be reduced to minimum
Only locally produced petroluem products will be used
·      Pakistan has 5th largest coal reserves in the world which can be used to produce cheap electricity enough for our usage. However only less than 1% of electricity produced in our country is using coal. Our coal is of good quality and latest studies have shown that we have enough coal to produce 50000MW for next 500 years. Moreover this coal can also producde million barrels of diesel which will end our reliance on imported petroleum. All petroleum based electricity generators and industry will be converted to coal.
·      No red-tape, no political hinderances, no delays, construction of 100 small 50MW hydroelectric dams will be started without any delay. NGOs and friendly countries will be invited to join and finance the projects.
A hydroelectric dam in the northern Pakistan
Small, medium and big dams will be constructed

·      Ten big water reservoirs will be built on all major rivers of our country. These dams along with a network of canals and other water irrigation facilities will help us to extend water to the farm lands across the country to bring a green revolution across the country. This will help our increased cultivated lands as a result of land reforms.
·      Coal reserves electricity production projects will be started forthwith. Instead of wasting time on the construction of big plants, several smaller plants will built on war footings for quick addition to national grid. Chinese will be asked to help us on revolutionary basis as they contructed their monuments in the wake of their revolution. Also ME and Iranian companies will be given contracts on war footings.
Pakistan coal quality is good & is in abundance
Pakistan has 5th largest coal reserves in the world
·      We have no doubt that our country has huge energy resources. Heavy investment will be invited through quick and transparent bidding process for the exploration of oil, gas and coal reserves.
Energy deficit will be dealt with as a top priority
Energy production will be government's top priority

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  1. Pakistan is self sufficient in its energy needs. All we need is a transparent system free of corruption. Pakistan Zindabad.