Present Corrupt System

·      The rhetoric of aaein, jamhoriat, qanoon, mafahmat we hear daily from our political leaders is all bullshit. All rules are only for the poors, rich men make them and rich men break them. We have enough of this drama. Can a dual nationality holder be an MPA or MNA? Can a dishonest person be our assembly member? Can a non-practicing Muslim contest for the elections? If followed even in the least of spirit, constitutionally 90% of our present so called elected representatives stand disqualified. But rules do not apply on the elite. THEY ARE ABOVE LAWS.
·      It is beyond doubt that our present system is corrupt, unjust and serves only those who have power. Only rich and very rich can reach to the corridors of the power. Once in there, they support only those who are also filthy stinking rich like them. These people serve only their own interests and have no idea what have become of today’s poor man of Pakistan.
·      They do not pay taxes themselves but have the guts to ask more and more from the poor in the shape of increased electricity or petroleum prices? WHY WE HAVE TO BEAR THIS?
·      They own billions of dollars which they stashed in the foreign banks, huge real estates in Europe, USA and Middle East, their children and families already settled abroad, they too have dual nationalities, WHY THEY WOULD CARE FOR THE FUTURE OF OUR CHILDREN, OUR FAMILIES OUR COUNTRY?
·      Dying economy of Pakistan does not bother them, if our homes are without electricity, gas or water, they are least pushed, they have money and resources to buy generators, energy and mineral water. Their air conditioners work 24 hours while poor man struggles to keep one bulb lit. It is us who give more electricity bills than these shameful ruling elite. Rich gets the waivers, concessions or KUNDA. Is this justified? Do we need thousands of air conditioners in our country? Or we need our industry to work?
·      Present governance system is eroded and based on fear. Poor and middle class people are afraid to rise against their masters. There is no unity, no hope and hence no change. There is no leader to lead from the front. We need Quaid-e-Azam again. We need a leader who is worthy of leading this nation to the place it deserves. The nation is ready but not demanding. The moment WE stand up, a leader will be there himself. Just rise!!!
·      The corrupt are few, we are more. They are wrong, we are right. They are false we are true. This land is ours, never of theirs. Why we should we be afraid? Why not throw them out of our land. Why not get our money back from them? Why not hold them responsible for the poor state of affairs our country is in? We can manage our country ourselves. WE DO NOT NEED THEM. This system of injustice cannot be tolerated for long. Change has to come and come very soon.
·      We can manage our beautiful country very well. We have qualified, honest and committed people. We have hard working and skilled labor. Our land is fertile, rivers flow from north to south; we have ample of natural resources. What else we need? Delay is denial. These rich ruling elite will not give us our rights for free. We have to snatch it and, for sure, we will snatch it!!!!!!!


  1. I don't think we are right. As a nation we are corrupt. No body is ready to pay taxes. No doubt cheif justice is an honest person but almost all the judges are hired on political basis.

    The teachers are not well-trained and they are not ready to get more training. They are not ready to upgrade themselves.

    Everyone of us is an opportunist. It is not possible to rule over a nation like us.

  2. Pakistan is a lovable country and every Pakistani has to love the land. But the corrupts and the corrupt politicians have made it bad and turned it spoiled. Let's clean it together.

  3. I don't think only the politicians are corrupt. The entire nation is corrupt. It is we who go to politicians for a job that we don't deserve. It is we who go to an MNA or a minister to get those relatives out of jail who have done serious crimes.

  4. Thanks for your comments Peter. I appreciate your view point. As a nation we have to take our responsibility ourselves. Any person, he may be a politician or not should be brought to justice. This present mindset of lutto and phutto (loot with impunity) is no more acceptable. Begin with politicians as they are the rulers and eevrybody will automatically observe this and get his lesson.
    If justice prevails, Pakistan will rise. I strongly believe.
    Thanks once again.

  5. Well I don't think it is possible. As our religion says your rulers are just a reflection of what you are. We have to change our education system, judiciary and media.

    Right now unions and associations are destroying institutes. These unions prevail everywhere in the society. Some are registered and some are unions but not considered as unions or associations. Media and judiciary are examples. You can't point out a person for his error. Army is another kind of union. Point out a general for his error and you will get the lesson of your life. Every institute is corrupt and committed to defend its corruption.

    It is a chaos situation. As some people say there might be a revolution, I disagree with them. History says that no revolution was fruitful for the masses. It was hijacked by some other opportunists.

    In subcontinent (phenomenon with Asia), stability was possible only when there was a dictator. Be it Ashoka or Akbar, we people are ethnically divided and don't have capability to excel in the world (as farmers all over the world are) as a nation.

    I don't mean to demoralize anyone. What I want to say is we need democracy with authority. A ruler should have full rights to do whatever he wants to do. If he is doing wrong, he should be changed via Election not as we do through long march and protests strikes etc. This keeps the whole country destabilized constantly. If our judiciary, teachers, doctors, army can't tolerate each other, then obviously we need a strict hand.

    We are used to blackmail our rulers. As some philosopher says we were thrown in to this world against our will and condemned for the use of freedom (forgive me if did not use the exact words). If we don't give our politicians free hand, we should not condemn them.

  6. Dear Peter,
    Very interesting remarks. To put it in simple words we need education and economic opportunites for our masses. For it is the masses from where we get our army, our judiciary, our teachers etc. If they are educated and civilised, problems will be far lesser. I have full hope. To address both education and economic problems with one step we can do what I wrote here:
    What do yo say?

  7. Peter I do agree with you on most accounts and would recommend the same solution , that is , democracy. But should it be the same democracy which has resulted into this mess we call Present Government???????? In our country votes are asked for on the basis of Caste, Family, Emotional Touch, threat and are given accordingly. This is for those who cast the votes themselves (Physically) not to count others which are done by people other than themselves. Most of our literate people DO NOT VOTE. Our election system is such that most of educated people are bz in the process of election and thus could not vote, remaining understand the ACTUAL POWER of THEIR VOTE and abstain. The person coming ahead as candidate may he be anyone from any party..... always has a big question mark precedes him even when he is eventual looser. Where is the hope in this system???? Dont ask for the political parties, NONE OF THESE HAS ANY AGENDA TO FOLLOW, NONE IS DEMOCRATIC IN ITS CORE (LEADERS ARE NEVER ELECTED). OK Democracy......First we must democratize our political parties????? First we should decide whether vote will be on adult franchise basis equating a tenant farmer to doctor????? you think their votes should carry equal weights when for sure the tenant does not have full control of casting his vote????? Do you think there is need to cleanse the politician cadre by punishing established corrupt and convicted criminals???????? do you think there should a greater debate on AGENDA between political parties on the media so that we know WHAT THEIR AGENDAS ARE AND WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENCES? Our political parties failed to unite on Kalabagh Dam in 50 years but are convinced and unify on the issue of THEIR PAY RAISE. No All Parties Conference has been called for any issue of national importance....WHY
    OK ...... we need politicians with power and authority???????????? Our history shows that whenever authority is given to democratically elected government ..... they became dictators themselves.
    The idea of revolution is devastating... agreed....but what choice do we have other than this that this QEHT-UR-RIJAL somehow ends and a leader DEAD HONEST comes up. what way other than revolution can bring such man.

  8. Lets not make people powerful........lets empower institutions.......

  9. I totally agree with you. This present system is erving only the people in power. They are butchering the poor who dare not speak a word.

  10. Pakistan Zindabad. Blood for Pakistan.Everything that matters is Pakistan. We have to find all corrupt traitors and kill them in cold blood.Why is it our land that has to suffer these accursed afflictions.Damn the bastard traitors in government who instead of making this nation one of the greatest made our head low in shame.After Quaid E Azam and Shaheed E Millat we have had no real leader.

  11. its all true but revolution is not possible without a leader.
    this nation hav alot of potential bt unluckily v havnt got any gud leader in our gov.
    must watch this video, may b this help in findng a leader..........

  12. Why not CJP invoke Article 62 and 63 of constitution of Pakistan, 95% of present MNAs / MPAs will stand disqualified.
    Mit jae gi makhlooq to insaf karo gae....

    Revolution is the only answer. Lets bring the change together. Lets throw this system in the Indian Ocean.

  13. It seems present election commission is so corrupt or incompetent that 80% of the MNAs/MPAs are ineligibible and still they could run for the elections and won it. Why??
    Why no one held the EC responsible??
    If EC was honest, only good people would get elected, resulting into better governance.
    Anybody will ever get notice of it? I think never!!!

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