Dream Pakistan

·      We, the people of Pakistan whether young or old, men or women, rich or poor are not at all happy with the current state of affairs of our country. We have the potential to be counted in developed and respected countries in the world.
·      The situation in which we find ourselves today is because of the selfish, incompetent present and former leaders of our country. We have only to blame ourselves and no foreign hand for this. Our lack of action against them had always emboldened them.
·      There is a need to change this and we will do it ourselves. We do not need any political party as they all are corrupt, we do not need any other organization as most of them have their own motives. We are enough for ourselves and we can do it.
·       We believe in the change and we have a dream for our country. We will do it ourselves.
Who can do it?
·       You can do it. You are the ONE who Pakistan, our motherland needs the most. Respond to it. Allah says, “You will get what you will strive for”. Revolution is knocking at your door.
·       Recent events in the world especially those in Arab World has proven that no one should underestimate the power of the people. DO NOT THINK THAT YOU ARE ALONE. Rise and participate in the change for our beautiful country. Give your comments at the bottom of this page. Read and involve yourself. Spread the message.
How to do it?
·      Believe in yourself and in your power. If you start no one can stop. Situation looks gloomy but we have great hope in you. We have faith in GOD. Pakistan has immense potential. Potential to rise to the top of the world.
·      Doing this is simple in this age of communication. Spreading the message is easy. Forward our link to all you know, to everybody in your email contact list, paste it on your Facebook. Talk to everybody about it.
·      Express your comments on all posts. Refine our conclusions. Help us in building our agenda, our aims and objectives. You will be the one deciding everything.
What We All Want?
·      Popular uprising to remove the present self serving sham democratic so called leaders.
·      Install an efficient interim government consisting of well reputed people who all will be selected by YOU for a period of five years. Click here to tell us your choice.
·      Agenda. Interim government will have the following agenda which will be on track within 15 days of the commencement of the government:
o      Quick, transparent and speedy accountability of all starting 1985 for immediate return of looted money and written off loans. Details.
o      Quick review of our war against terrorism keeping in our interests. Details.
o      Energy revival on war footings to finish the sufferings of the people. Details.
o      Putting economy back on track with clear short, mid and long term objectives. Details.
o      Review of defense spending.
o      Immediate and comprehensive land reforms. Details.
o      Education campaign on war footings. Details.
·       Aims to be achieved in 5 Year Time.
o        Develop Pakistan into welfare state which has:
§      Strong economy with more employment opportunities. Details.
§      Independent and effective foreign policy resulting into strong friendship with the  global friends and neighbors.
§      Peaceful internal situation with low crime rate and no terrorism. Details.
§      Revival of effective judicial system. Details.
§      Good governance to serve the common man. Details.
§      Independent election and accountability commission for sustained efficient governance.


  1. Today Dawn Newspaper website hold a report of the UNESCO. The report says that Pakistan spends 7 times more on arms than on the school. We spend less than 3% of our GDP on our education. Defense budget needs to be revised. Education needs to be handled on war footings. This is the need of the day. LInk to Dawn paper is this:

  2. Your dream is my dream also. You just put my thoughts on the web.
    Reply to above comment. Can we afford to spend so much on defence. PLease cut it and have good friendly ties with all neighbors. Spend maximum for the bettermet of the people and not on guns.

  3. Thinking of education as armament of the people is good. You dont arm only your army you arm the masses by educating them. With better educated people you can bring the change in the society not only by modernization of military.

  4. its only a dream which is never gonna b true........

    so DREAM OOOON.....!!!!

  5. No doubt we are facing a grave situation in Pakistan. But you will agree that many other nations have been through even tougher times than this. What happened in Former Yogulsavia, or in WW2, or even now in Afghanistan, Iraq or Libya is extremely tough for the people. But success comes to those who sail through these times with determination and under a clear visionary leadership. All we need is this leadership. Hope and dreams were what on which our country came into being, we can never leave them :)

  6. I think it is better to make pakistani people together, brotherhood and prosperity beetween the people. beacuse now the biggest problem is there is no brotherhood atmosphere which is really necessary for a strong nation and every country can get success beacause of thier faith.

  7. Your dream is my dream also. You just put my thoughts on the web.
    Reply to above comment. Can we afford to spend so much on defence. PLease cut it and have good friendly ties with all neighbors. Spend maximum for the bettermet of the people and not on guns.

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