Pakistan's Youth! Wake Up!

Your silence and inaction are the main cause of problems of Pakistan!
A silent majority has been hijacked by a minority in our beloved country. When we will accept every increase in petroleum price, daily price hikes in power tariffs, everyday over-charging of the daily used commodities with silence, it means we are accepting it.
We ask ourselves. Why should I protest, when I can still afford everything, when I can manage my kitchen and house with ease? This attitude is killing us one by one. Today you can afford but you may not be able to say this tomorrow. Today you aren’t bothered about your poor hungry neighbors, that their children can’t afford going to school, or they don’t have medicine or even food to eat. You can be in your place tomorrow. Shouldn’t we care about our neighbors?
Our poor Pakistani brethren are living without energy, clean drinking water, medicine and even food. Why we are known as beggars and terrorists everywhere? Why we top the list of most corrupt nations, why we are one of the most dangerous places on earth, why everything is so messed up in our country from top to bottom? WHY???
Have we ever thought why this all is happening? When as a nation we have got everything. Literally each and everything a nation can wish for. Only one thing is lacking; a sincere and committed leader ship. Do you know why we do not have a good and hard working leadership? Because we do not deserve it!! It is said, first deserve then desire. If we want it we have to be true, honest and committed ourselves.
Do not wait for a divine help, it won’t come like this. You have to create the environment. You will not get the prosperity and respect in a platter. God help those who help themselves. You have to start the process yourself.
Do we think that Almighty will be happy with us that although we have enough to eat but never bothered to share our food with poor? That poor people in the country do not have education and health but we never tried to help them? That the ruling elite is sucking the blood of our poor people on daily basis and we are just keeping a criminal silence? Do you think this is an acceptable behavior? Do you think God will be happy with us. NO NO NO!
We kept silent of what all is happening around us and did not even raised a voice: We are equally responsible as the ruling elite is! Specially the youth and the educated people who understand but lack action. Every child, every poor who died of poverty waited for you to wake up from this deep sleep! But why you should be bothered? You have enough to eat, your family is healthy and happy, and YOU ARE REGULARLY GOING TO MOSQUE. What a deal you have struck with God? Successful in both lives, isn’t it?
I AM AFRAID, NOT! Absolute not!


  1. When we will understand as a nation? Thus sham democracy is only for the looting of this nations wealth and sucking its blood. Wake up middle class, before you go too go bleow poverty line.

  2. Looking at the poor response of the pakistani public on the release of CIA agent, I am really disappointed, both with the public as well as with the political parties. Really shameful!

  3. best blog and best posting now its time for youth to rise and shine together with Unity ,faith ,discipline

  4. this is good work. even a tiny contribution of a positive mindset and a collective mission and vision helps !!
    Unity on a clear vision with a selfless effort is required

  5. I wish all of us can share and help each other like small individual units, links tied together as a chain to become a movement.

  6. The youth is the key. Pakistan should be optimistic because it has the potential to be a great nation but the people need to stand up and encourage an honest democratic government. Change needs to happen, the question is will the people of Pakistan be the ones to change it or will the US give it a go?

    We are planning a documentary to highlight the key issues and the opinion of the Pakistani youth. We plan to road trip from south to north of the nation hopefully bringing these problems to a wider audience and initiating the change the country needs.

    For more info:

  7. youth of Pakistan can not do anything. they r all busy in their own lives. they have alot of productive work to do. they have to build their own carrier to survive in this world.
    In my opinion these filthy politicians will never let the youth com out for their own right so the best is get some education and find the better country in the world to live in then Pakistan.
    Nothing gonna change in Pakistan.

  8. @MAK. Many thanks for your comment. I respect your felings as well as view point on the subject. But allow me to differ a bit. The problem we face in Pakistan is not a simple one and as such youth are not to be blamed wholly and solely. Given a chance they have proven before as well that they can rise to the challenges. Their particiaption in natural calamities in our country is just one exmaple.
    I would say iur youth has lots of potential, all they need is a committed and sincere leadership at the top. You know, yousaid that very right, we cannot afford to give more chances to these existing rulers. The voice of the youth comes from the only one person who is IMran Khan. Dont you think if we have leader like Imran at the top, situation can change in our country for a positive?
    We need to give our youth a hope, a vision and a change will come very soon. Hopefully.

  9. I completely agree. Young people should act. They are the ones that should take care of the future. If they ignore the situation they will be miserable later. Call Pakistan.