Accountability Policy

·       Pakistan has been looted by the corrupt leaders as well as all who have the say in the corridor of power. Payback time is here!!!! Poor has been suffering at the hands of these powerful, rich who have left the weak with nothing to survive.
·      Our national wealth counting more than 1000 billion USD have been written off and looted. This money has been saved in the foreign bank accounts of our so called leader.
·      Accountability process will be initiated forthwith. A thorough list of such culprits will be made and a general warning will be issued to all those who have illegally acquired public money. This will include all corruption money and unreturned bank loans.
·       An account number will be made announced and 72 hours will be given to the corrupt as well as defaulters to return all money back in that account. Those who return all money will be allowed to live like normal citizens in our homeland.
·       Those failed to return the money will be dealt with iron hands and no mercy will be shown. Their and their family assets will be sold and they will be jailed for the rest of their lives. They will not given the benefit of doubt.
·       The money received this way will be used to free our economy off the external donors and to fund Mega projects.
·       A strong and powerful accountability mechanism will be established to deter any body from looting the public money in future.

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