Our Top Priorities

Revolution's top priorities will be implemented forthwith

·       Initiation of Accountability
o     A powerful Truth, Conciliation & Accountability Commission (TCAC) will be established under the chairmanship of a former acting CJP Rana Bhagwandas.
o     The commission will have the complete system of prosecution comprising best lawyers of the country and integral efficient & authoritative police force to implement its orders.
o     No hindrance and delays will be tolerated in the working of the commission.
o     By law people of Pakistan will be responsible to come and testify if summoned by the TCAC.
o     The proceedings of the commission will be shown live on TV channels. All politicians and other officials who have held government posts will be brought on TV to admit and surrender all looted money.
Quick, fair and visible across the board accountability

·       Implementation of Merit. Out of merit posting are a major cause of poor governance in the system:
o     A public announcement will be made for all those who are occupying different government posts without merit should forthwith leave the posts to avoid fine and full reimbursement of pay and perks.
o     Honest and qualified people will be posted on every public position.
o     Police force will be ordered to work only to protect the common man and not the VIPs. Local SHO will be responsible to ensure zero crime rate.
Merit will be ensured at all levels
·      Economic Revival
o     A public announcement will be made for all those who have not paid the taxes in the past ten years should immediately pay full amount of all sorts of tax to avoid later problems.
o     Austerity Measures. To reduce government spending sever austerity measure will be implemented within 24 hours of the government taking over the reins.
o     All government owned luxurious building like parliament house, prime minister and chief minister houses, president and governor houses, corps commander houses etc. will be forthwith converted into schools, colleges and universities. Well reputed NGOs who have already shown good work will be allowed to manage these educational institutions.
o     Government lavish spending will be cut by 80% wherein members and ministers will be living like common man. VIP culture will not be tolerated.
o     Existing big cars will be auctioned and exported out of the country.
o     To reduce Trade Deficit petroleum and other luxury items import will be stopped forthwith. Quality of our exports will be ensured, new markets will be explored.
o     Privatization commission will be established to privatize those public entities which are going in the deficit.
o     Cars of 1300CC and higher power will be totally banned. Culture of bicycle and public transport will be introduced in the public. Ministers and government officials will be leading this trend from the front.
Pakistan's economy will be revived on war footings

·      Energy Reforms.  To meet the shortfall of the energy following steps will be announced and implemented forthwith:
o     Air conditioners will be banned in the complete country.
o     Kunda system will be liable to strong punishment.
o     No free electricity, no concessions win electricity will be given to any public servant or department.
o     Twenty five smaller power generation plants (50MW) will be initiated immediately in the country both on hydroelectric and coal based.
o     At least four Mega water and electricity generation projects will be initiated forthwith on war footings. China, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Iran will be asked to help along with national and international NGOs.
Energy will be conserved as well as explored and produced on quick basis
·      War on terror policy will be reviewed keeping in only Pakistan’s own interest with full incorporation of people’s desires.
o     No drone attack or any sort of physical, air, water, or land intrusion will be tolerated. Any such act will be considered an act of war for which armed forces of Pakistan will be ordered to retaliate.
o     Immediate committee will be formed talk to the warring groups in order to bring a peace deal.
o     Army will be ordered to clamp limited martial law on those areas where there is a root of terrorism. Special speedy military trial courts will be established in those areas to provide protection to the people.
o     Judiciary will be asked to setup multiple speedy trial courts in other of the country areas to swiftly trial the apprehended terrorists.

No more drone attackes will be tolerated

·      In above paragraphs we have briefly mentioned those steps which we will be taking in the first few days. More stringent and quick steps will be taken in the following days. All government actions will be transparent, accountable by public through media and in the best interest of the public of Pakistan. The government will esnure to bring the happiness and prosperity to the people of Pakistan at any cost.
             Happy, beautiful Pakistan is our aim



  1. Even if 50% of these steps are successfully taken Pakistan will be in a much better shape.
    Billions of dollars of these corrupt leaders hould be brought back to the country. Use them for the people.
    If the interim government won the confidence of the people, people will support them for eradicating all problem. All that is needed is sincerity.

  2. The announcement of the beginning of the real rule of the people, by the people and for the people will elelctrify the whole nation. This is such a great nation that you can make them do wonders. Key will be to keep the spirit alive, keep the nation informed of their own achievement and give them early successes. There will be no looking back, then.

  3. I would love to c this happen like this. I will be a proud supporter of this revolution.

  4. hi hello paskitan i am indian people