Products of Pakistan

  •        Allah has blessed our motherland with everything. We have all things required to rise and earn a respectable place in the comity of nations. Our resilient economy is 26th largest in the world with a GDP of US$ 504 billion. We have fertile land, sufficient water, favorable weather and hard working farmers. This fact has made us strong in agriculture field. 44% of our total work force is associated with agriculture profession which produces 23% of our GDP. There is plenty of room for improvement and more need to be done to fully utilize the resources we have.

 wheat field ready for harvesting in Punjab, Pakistan
We are among the top ten producers of wheat in the world.
 wheat ready for collection in a field Pakistan
Our production meets our local food requirement.         
 rice crop require good quantity of water
We are 11th in the production of rice which we export to more than 30 countries. Pakistan’s Basmati Rice is famous world over for its taste, size and smell.

 cotton requirements are locally met
Pakistan is the 4th largest producer of cotton after China, India and US.

 fibre thread is exported and used in local cloth production
Cotton is 8.2% of our value added agriculture.

 sugarcane is a major crop of Pakistan
Our plains of Punjab and Sind are famous for their sugarcane crop.
 beautiful view of sugarcane fields in Pakistan
5th largest producer of Sugarcane which is processed in 77 Sugar Mills and in cottage industries countrywide.
 pakistani dates are full of energy and sweet
We are 4th largest producer of best quality dates of the world after Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. Our central and southern provinces have an ideal weather conditions for dates production.
 view showing a tree full of dates
We produce more than 700,000 tons of dates annually. Large part is exported both in fresh and dried form to more than 20 countries around the globe.

 Pakistani Mangoes - Sweet and Beautiful
6th largest producer of Mango in the world, with more than 150 types.

 Yellow Juicy Pakistani Mangoes
Our mangoes have excellent appearance, special taste and attractive smell. Our mango export exceeded 100,000 tons in 2009.

 Oranges of Pakistan are sweet and tasty
We are the 10th largest producer of Citrus fruits like oranges, lemon and lime which are exported as well.

 Citrus products of Pakistan
Average citrus production exceeded 2500,000 tons in 2008.

 A beautiful orange
Sargodha division of Pakistan is famous for its citrus all over the world.

 Colorful fruits of Pakistan
Our northern areas have vast orchards of apricot, berry, cherry and strawberry.
 Apricots of Pakistan are exported
We are 3rd largest producer of Apricot both in freshly packed as well as processed dried form.

 Chickpea are consumed both locally and exported
Pakistan is 3rd largest producer of Chickpea which is consumed both locally as well as exported.
 View of Khewra Salt Mine - Pakistan
Khewra Salt Mine of Pakistan is one of the largest and oldest salt mines of the world are in Pakistan which were being mined even before Alexander, the Great invaded the area.

 Salt lamps are pretty and healthy
300,000 tons of salt is extracted annually.
 A healthy pakistani cow in the fields

We are 2nd largest producer of milk and dairy products. Milk collection and processing facilities are established by private sector which has benefited both the milk farmer as well as the country.

 Dairy products of Pakistan
We produce 33.6 billion liters of buffalo milk annually which contribute more than Rs. 650 billions to our economy.

  •       We are extremely lucky that we are not dependent on anybody for our local food demands. We are self sufficient and are blessed enough to export the surplus to our friends. Why our common man is not happy? Have we every thought? Simple reason is that the benefits of these gifts of God have never reached to him. Rich and corrupt have taken everything from him.
  •     There is a need of a change, a revolution that will put everything in balance. Poeple's right should be protected. Everybody should get what he deserves based on a system of merit, justice and transparency. Our struggle for revolution is just doing the same. 


  1. I am quite impressed and just wanted to let you know that you did a fine job on this article. However, I have question why Pakistan is importing wheat from USA and Edible oil from South East Asia? similarly the prices of food is rapidly rising in the country which will result in food shortages in Pakistan.

  2. I never knew all this. Compiled a great thing. God bless you.
    This only re-enforces our plight being poor leadership

  3. greed of the people, lack of will to implement policies, lust for kick backs are some of the reasons why we are importing wheat. The greedy people export wheat looking for profit thus creating shortfall while others import for more profit.

  4. Revolution is the answer to all of the problems we ar facing today. Other processes will take long and long time. We need to get rid of these corrupt families as soon as possible. Revolution zindabad.

  5. Mashallah Pakistan has the 2nd largest Salt mine, 5th largest Gold mine, 5th largest Coal reserves as well as 7th largest Copper mine. This is only those which are discovered, much more is still undiscovered and waiting.
    God bless our beautiful homeland. Viva Revolution.

  6. A nation so much rich cannot be beggar and should not be beggars. We will not die of hunger, we can sustain easily. We need leaders with integrity, clean background who are loyal to our country. Provide such a setup and within 5 years we will be on the track. INSHALLAH. Bring a peaceful revolution now.

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