Education Reforms

·      Provision of free, quality basic education will be the responsibility of our government. It will be mandatory for every child of the age of 4 and above till 18 to attend the school. During the course of this period children will be provided education up till 12th level, which will be funded by the state. At least 5% of our national GDP will be spent on education with the view to prepare our next generation ready to meet the next challenges. Children will be taught the class syllabus, one basic art and one foreign language.
·      Syllabus will be uniform in throughout the country. Mode of teaching as well as exam will be more of conceptual nature rather than pushing students to learn the lessons by heart.
·      Free Education to the children will be provided by the government including the books, stationary and lunch.
·      School children will be trained for social duties like cleaning of the areas, traffic regulations and first aid. They will also be used to lead the annual tree plantation drives.
·      Every matric pass student will teach one illiterate to enable him to at least read and write in Urdu and basic mathematics.
·      Tight control will be in place on private schools for strict adherence to standards.
·      Only one standard syllabus with English medium will be used for the education at all levels.
·      All big luxury government buildings (PM House, President House, Governor Houses, CM houses, Corps Commander Houses etc.) will be donated as universities and colleges.
·      NGOs like Shahzad Roy's Zindagi Trust, Abdul Sattar Edhi's Foundation, Dr. Asif Mahmood Jah and overseas Pakistanis will be incorporated to provide education on emergency basis.
·      Clearing UK English test (like TOEFL or IELTS) will be a pre requisite every graduate irrespective of which discipline he is in. International (UK) standards will be adhered with to make their language proficiencies acceptable to the international market; students will be given BBC / British Council certificates of proficiency in English.
·      Every graduate will have to learn sufficient day to day language skill of either French or Arabic. International (UK) standards will be adhered with.
·      Every non technical student will undergo compulsory vocational training. Areas like wood craftsmanship, masonry, stitching, electrician, motor mechanics, cleaners (and many more) etc. will be taught to boys. For girls skills like clerks, salesgirls ship, mid-wives, nursing, teaching, baby sitting, knitting, stitching etc. will be arranged.
·      Note. Government will not be micromanaging any of vocational training or language teaching matters. Competent international / national contractors will be given the contract that will be paying the dues to the government in return of license of training and certifying our students.


  1. Pakistan is a wonderful nation and if they get a good leadership they have the capability to rise. Education is seriously neglected. Give full attention to educating the population for five years and then hold free and fair elections, you will get a good leadership.
    Also there are thousands of NGOs working involve them int he education projects, they will help a lot.
    I found very interesting ideas here. Keep it up.
    My best wishes.

  2. Our strong and vibrant electronic media can be every effectively used to educate the masses about their rights and duties in the society. Also other than talk shows on politics I hardly fins any educative programs like quiz shows, character building etc. Western media giants like sky, ITV, BBC etc have mandatory research programs which are aimed to educate the people. Media on the TV and NGOs on ground can make a winning combination to bring a quick revolution.
    All government will need is to properly coordinate and manage the progress. Acknowledgment of the contributions and rewarding legally and accordingly will go a long way in bringing the education revolution.

  3. Children of ruling elite go to the best schools and colleges which are all in private sector. For this reason, children of ALL PUBLIC servants will only and only will be allowed to study in Government schools. If their (for example secretary education) own children will be studying in government schools or colleges, they will ensure that the standard of those institutions does not go down.

  4. Old, retired teachers and other government and private employees should be employed under the umbrella of good NGOs like Zindagi Trust or Sahasr Trust. These teachers will be teaching young and old people who will be centrally examined to pass a certain level. Both teachers and the students of this system should be given good incentives to encourage them into education.