Our Dream

·         Well, everyone dreams. Some people dream future and some dream aloud. Myths of the dreams are numerous and so are their interpretations. I am not here to discuss the dreams that the people have while asleep, it’s about those dreams which in fact are desires said aloud. Desires that indicate the force of life that one has and basically differentiate between a dead and a living being or a human and a non human. Quenching thirst, filling stomach, sex, shelter and relationship, common to all animals including human are instincts and not necessarily desires.

·         However, desire of loving and being loved, to improve, compete, win, express, own and the like are particular to humans. There are some collective dreams, dreams of nation, like every visionary saw before embarking on a journey that finally led to the revolution. These dreams are watched by visionaries and leaders pick them for implementation.

·         We are group of common men and women ……telling aloud our dreams for our homeland is likely to bring revolution when watched while standing above horizon.

·         Nature has given our beautiful country Pakistan everything which a country needs to prosper. We have the potential to be counted in developed and respected countries in the world. All we need to do is to eradicate the menace of corruption, address the root cause of extremism and create economic opportunities for the people. Our common man is talented and hard working, and he believes in himself and God. We have immense reserves of natural resources, some tapped and some still untapped.

·         As a nation we are bestowed by some real good friends in the region as well as in the world. In the past we have been helped greatly by our great friends like China, Saudi Arabia and US. They can be of real help in our future endeavors as well. As a nation we need to foster our relations with other powers as well to make it more diverse.  

·         We will be working in a friendly policy with our neighbors. We extend our full heart with all sincerity to our Indian brothers. We will work to forget the past and give our people a bright future. Countries of SAARC as well as of ECO will be given a special status in trading and business.

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