Economic Agenda
Revival of our economy will be based on following 8 point agenda:
·      Austerity measures at all government levels with all government servants including the highest ranking officials will live like ordinary middle class person.
Present lavish style of Pakistan governnment will be done away with

·      Immediate, fair and transparent privatization of those entities which are going in loss under the supervision of a well known patriotic and able person.
Quick and transparent privatisation will be done

·      Everybody will pay tax, which will be easy to pay and will be proportionately rise with the income of the person. All citizens who are earning Rs. 300,000 per annum and more will be taxed irrespective from whatever sector they belong.
Tax will be collected and used in an efficient manner

·      Smuggling will be a major crime. Strict anti smuggling steps will be taken and exemplary punishment will be given to those found involved in it or allowing it.
Smuggling will be strongly checked

·      Mega projects will be initiated all over the country. Initially the projects will be undertaken only by the friendly neighboring countries and later on with public private partnerships.
Mega projects will revolve the econmic cycle

·      Agricultural revolution will be realized through quick and fair land reforms.
Pakistani farmers will be empowered through land reforms

·      Remittances from the overseas Pakistanis will be increased by providing incentives to the Pakistanis living abroad as well as by providing clear directions and full support to the concerned embassy.
Overseas pakistanis will be encouraged to send foriegn exchange

·      Quick, efficient and transparent investment procedures will be implemented for those interested in investing.
Foriegn and local investor will be facilitated by our government

Steps for the Revival of Economy
·      Full independent and self reliant economy free of the shackles of IMF.
·      A clear and friendly foreign policy, enough availability of energy and initiation of the mega projects will kick start the stagnant economy.
·      Trade agreements will be done on fast track basis with the neighbors and other regional countries.
·      A transparent and efficient tax collection system will be established which will have exceptions and excuses. This will be collected by the divisional government.
·      Tax rate will logarithmically increase with the increase in income.
·      Luxury items will be allowed to be imported only with heavy taxes.
·      There will be flat GST on all commodities in the market.
·      Pakistani embassies to all countries will be tasked to double the amount of remittances sent by their local Pakistani community. Moreover they will ensure that the money sent is through legal means and not by other illegal ways.
·      Embassies will also be tasked to search for the employment for the skilled labor. Every overseas Pakistani will be encouraged to take one more Pakistani abroad and get him a job there. Doing this will give them privilege in Pakistan like cheaper plots in newly build cities. Counsel staff will provide max assistance to them.
·      Power Generation, new cities, water dams, canals and other mega project will energize the local industry while creating huge employment opportunities.
·      Land reforms coupled with agricultural tax will result into agricultural revolution. Youth will be given soft loan for establishing all types of farms on the lands given to them by the government. NGOs assistance will be streamlined to make them more effective.
·      India, Afghanistan, CARs and other SAARC countries will be extremely welcomed for the business. Business corridors will be offered for friendly trade environment.


  1. Land reforms, improved tax collection system and mega projects alone can kick start our economy.
    If new government wins the trust of the people, NOTHING CAN STOP PAKISTAN.
    Leadership should give clear aim and direction, must show sincerity and people will take the nation to new hieghts of excellence.

  2. Foreign and local investors should be provided easy, quick, trasparent and corruption free procedures to invest in local industries.
    One window operation with least red tape delays and zero tolerance for corruption using special courts need to be provided. Overseas Pakistani can play a major role in such scenario.