Challenges Pakistan Faces Today

Have we ever thought why Pakistan’s image is so bad in the world? Actually it is much more than what we can think of while sitting in Pakistan. People are afraid to come to Pakistan and for them there is no difference between Somalia, Ethiopia, Afghanistan and Pakistan. While people abroad do think like this, we know it is not true. Rather it is absolutely false! Every nation has some bad angles but they showcase only positives of their country. Have we ever seen slums in USA, they do not show it on CNN or Fox news does not mean that there are no poor people in USA. Their media will just not show such things.
Now the same media once turns towards Pakistan, they will hardly show a good thing. Either it will be dirty streets with stagnant pools of water, or a donkey cart with lots of garbage flying around. If there was an iota of our good image left, war of terror diminished that too. Pakistan was glued with the name of Afghanistan and Taliban and they called this region AfPak. This led to our extremely negative image in the eyes of the world. People see us as a failed state, a safe haven for terrorists and an extremely intolerant society. This is partly our fault and partly the media as well as our enemies. Our enemies will do everything to harm us because our loss is gain for them. But what is wrong with ourselves, at least we can put our own house in order; we are not our own enemies.
Second, a closely related, problem is our economy which is in total shambles. People do not have enough food, health care facilities, clean drinking water and you name it. Governments are responsible to provide these to the people but provided they have the money required for the purpose. Now either our government can keep on begging from other nations or it should tax the public. Begging and borrowing from abroad results into our humiliation as a nation and we have to compromise on the matters of our national interests. Second way is to tax the people. But the problem is people do not have trust on the this set of rulers as corruption is rampant. No one likes to give tax for the lavish spending of the rulers and plus the facts that the rich, powerful and rulers themselves are not paying a penny to the national kitty. Why only the salaried, middle class or poor should be taxed? So here is the deadlock!!!!
These so called leaders, the trumpeters of democracy will never tax their property or their income. These people come Pakistan only to rule; their families, majority of their wealth and their property is already safely placed in abroad. They have nothing to lose even if something wrong happens to Pakistan. They have dual nationalities of the countries they are actually loyal to; they will fly away!! Simple!
So who will be left here to face the brunt? It will be you and me!!
My dear youth! Please wake up!! We need to rise now, before it is too late. Can’t you see everyday how shamelessly they are selling us in front of their foreign masters? Barring a very few, all politicians are selfish and only come to politics to loot our national wealth! Please do question every wrong what happens around you. Do not think you are alone, be truthful and raise your voice. If not for yourself, please rise for this nation, for your future for your next generations. Should we remain beggars forever?
I strongly believe if there is a commitment at the top, majority of our issues can be solved and much of the associated miseries will go away. We need to have a committed leadership, with a correct priorities and a sound plan. We need a revolution in Pakistan. I have my views on these aspects. You may differ. Criticize on my view point, together we will gather better ideas. This is for our future which is the future of our beautiful homeland too.
Pakistan Zindabad!


  1. It is the youth who have brought the changes in every revolution. Our youth are not at all ready to come to the streets yet, unfortunately.

  2. Pakistan revolution will address the two basic challenges we face today; which include the economic problem and growing extremism. This will render other associated problems either diminish or at least manageable.