Marketing Islam

Living in Europe for some time I am quite convinced that Islam and Muslims have been put really on the back foot. As if the lack of attraction and charm was not enough for Islam, the label of terrorism has done the rest. Today’s our lovely Islam appears as stinking because it has remained stagnant for centuries. Muslims in general and our few previous generations in particular have totally failed to remain in step with other contemporary religions and developments of the world. The result: we remain so backward and on the receiving end, in every field.
Analyze from the eyes of our youth who is exposed to both Islamic and other world. One sees smiling, happy, singing, modern religions and societies on one side and worried, bleeding, closed and cornered Islamic world on the other. We, the Muslims, have not presented modern Islam’s true face to our children and to the world. This is the reason that children are running away from this religion. Going to mosque or sporting beard is shameful while wearing cross pendants in the neck is a fashion.
Islam was not for the seventh century or was not for the region of it origin only. This religion came for the whole humanity and that too till the end of the world. It could not remain in its old shape as it was before. It had to adapt with the time and religion has left the cushion for such changes. But unfortunately, of late, these changes are just not coming.
In the beginning there were few changes which were adapted by the early preachers of Islam. One example is the origin of Qawali. This way of preaching was devised by our fore-forefathers keeping in view the popularity and inclination of the local public towards music and singing. Were they wrong in adapting according to the time and space they were in? The result shows they were really really successful. This method allowed them to attract the people towards them so that they can teach them. Only the means was changed, not the message!!
And what we see today is totally opposite. There is no visible charm, attraction and joy in Islam. Sorry to say, it looks boring to the youth compared to the fun one sees in other religions, e.g. Christianity.
At most what has been done is only of reactionary nature; efforts to defend the image of Islam! Khuda Ke liey or My Name is Khan are two such examples. Both aimed at showing how miserable it is to be a Muslim nowadays and somehow tried to prove that all Muslims are not terrorists.  While few would disagree with these facts but do we really need to be so defensive. Shouldn’t we be more proactive and proud of being Muslims and the believers of such a strong and true religion? Why we don’t show, for example, ”Islam is loving and open”, instead “we are not terrorists”. Same color but in different shade!
We need to do something and do it real fast. Our message needs better medium; more attractive, more charming, more appealing and of course more modern. One pro active way can be to use powerful media airing colorful, movies, dramas and other TV shows with a message. Islam is a religion of action. Instead of sitting, watching our children flowing into the folds of attractive societies in the name of progress and modernization will the biggest sin we will commit. Doing nothing will change nothing!


  1. This is an interesting and new point of view.
    Muslims have been left far behind in almost all fields of life and irony of the situation is that there is no realization of this fact at the any level.
    Time is slipping very fast and already the gap is too much to be filled within foreseeable future.

  2. nice work dear but how can u say that Islam is a modern religion?
    it have no functions and festivals in it. y there is no music and movies and all this type of fun activities are allowed in Islam? can u tel me how can u defend this ?
    Muslims people r soo backward.

  3. We at V5 strongly believe that Islam is religion which is not bound by time and space boundaries. It is a live religion, fully capable and strong enough to adapt to the place and time it is in. Nothing wrong with the religion, it is the belivers of this religion which have been doing the wrong things. Muslims are backward, you said very correctly, and as a result Islam has also become boring, old and outdated. We failed to keep ourselves instep with the changing times. Do you think then it is Islam which is at fault?

  4. Those who think about Islam as an old and outdated religion in fact do not know about Islam. Its not the collective name of a few rituals.its a way of life. Its philosophy is dynamic its we who have stagnated thus gone rotten and smell. Go beyond the poetry of Allama Iqbal,,read "The Reconstruction of Religious Though in Islam" to know its dynamism. No body wants to think or study Islam and we all criticize. For God sake.......molvies have occupied the trading ground of philosophers and we are doing nothing about it. We ALL MUSLIMS are responsible for all misinterpretation of Islam not only molvies.