Imran Khan - Only Choice

Only hope for the People of Pakistan
Imran khan beats all other politicians by a far distance when it comes to honesty, commitment and ability to serve the people of Pakistan. He is more educated than any other political party chief, he has a clear political background, and he has proven himself a number of times a trustworthy and honest social worker. He and only he, like our Quaid-e-Azam, can speak the language our western masters understand. No other leader is strong enough to stand this pressure. He is the man who can be an ideal diplomat; to earn respect and good response from western people you don’t need to submit yourself to them wholeheartedly, all you need is to be upright, truthful and honest. Westerners know how to bully a coward and corrupt and they respect an honest and committed person. Imran is ideally suited for this diplomatic ability.
But the question arises: How can he come to power? Is it a possibility at all? Recent events have shown that he is quite famous amongst youth, in media as well as on web, but can we expect his party to do well under the present circumstances. Our all four national main stream parties are in the power, however, things seems to be out of their control. People are frustrated by the incompetence and huge naked corruption going on by the present rulers everywhere. These rulers are only serving their own interests and are not pushed by the problems our common man is facing. These corrupt leaders have totally submitted themselves to the US and other masters. This is an ideal time for a leader like Imran Khan to rise to the people’s aspirations.
Our panel strongly believe that he needs few catalysts before he can reach anywhere near success. Firstly, PTI needs to have at least 25 – 30 good, honest and like-minded political persons in his party (Marvi Memon, Javed Hashmi, Mushahid Hussain, Saad Rafique, Azam Swati, waseem Sajjad, Raza Rabbani, are few to name). These persons presently may be part of any party who may join him for the good of the people of Pakistan before the next general elections. This will be critical to earn him required number of seats in the general election. Secondly, relatively lesser corrupt parties representing middle and lower class masses like JI, MQM and other smaller parties can join him on the simple agenda of quick and transparent accountability, economic stability and improving internal security of Pakistan. The combination of above will enable him to bypass the so called larger parties and form a government which can do a lot.
Thirdly, time has come for the nation itself to shun the sham political leaders like Zardari, Sharif brothers, and Chaudaries etc. Time requires people to cast their vote with their full conscious alive and present. People need to rise above the politics of cast, families or personal interests. We need to think for the nation, our attitude has to change. Pakistan is a gift of God, our coming generations will never forgive for our lack of action now, if God forbid we damage it with our inaction.
Last but not he least is that the EC and SCP need to do a lot before the next general elections. Only eligible persons should be allowed to contest according to the constitution of Pakistan, voters lists should be genuine and up to date, and free & fair elections should be held under the over all control of EC and Pakistan Army.
We have hope and people of Pakistan have faith in Imran. He has proven himself before that he is not afraid of accepting the challenges and looking into the eyes of the problems, for sure, he can do it again. He needs our support and by God we will give last drop of our blood for this country, for Imran Khan. Pakistan Zindabad.


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