Imran for Insaf

The conspiracy against our country has entered in its last stages and at the same time it has become more and more obvious. Situation in the country is being worsened and no leader seems to be worried about it. Systematically, through our so called beloved media, campaign has been launched against armed forces and security agencies of Pakistan. No one can witness this type of blatant media warfare of any country’s media against their own institutions. The likes of Hamid Mir and Asma Jahangir have been passing the verdict as if they have solid proofs of army’s involvement in the killing of the journalist. We ask them, if they already have the proofs then what the commission will establish, they can simply register the FIR against ISI and drag those and others responsible to the court.
From the start of this year, the enemies of Pakistan has a launched an open war against our state institutions. On one side it is being shown to the public that USA and Armed forces are one in their interests against the people, media and government. What happened in the release of CIA agent in Lahore in May or what Admiral Mullen said recently was aimed just to show that. On the other hand, Army is being drawn into one controversy after the other. This sacred institution is fighting the battle for Pakistan; on the east border, on the western side and now being drawn into the Southern part of the country too. Clearly our enemies want our army to get involved in Karachi, and through the indiscriminate weapon licenses which were issued in thousands in the recent past, a civil war like situation be created. When Army would use power to quell the miscreants, international community and their tools like UNSC may interfere just like it did in Benghazi recently. Some of us might have noticed how the recent local issues have been internationalized, by CNN, Amnesty International or White house spokesman.
Situation is very serious, in fact grave. We need to understand the conspiracy. Some part of the media specially Jang Group (may be few more) is totally playing a negative role and in the process damaging the country. Pakistani people should be aware of it. Leaders like Nawaz Sharif and Zardari must become part of bad history if we have to survive. They are incompetent, corrupt, lack vision and in fact a security threat for the country. People must pressurize present government to give full hand to Police, Rangers and other civil LEAs, army should never be drawn into it. And lastly, thorough and across the board de-weaponization campaign should be launched forthwith. Judiciary also has to play its role. One wonders that when a suspected robber was killed by the LEFs, honorable CJP immediately ordered the removal of DG Rangers and CCPO Karachi, and now when every day , on average, 50 innocent citizens are being shot dead, where is his notices and action gone? It looks like that the CJP himself has become part of those who want to create this situation in Karachi. Was this “effective and efficient” judicial system CJP had dreamt for Pakistan?
The truth is that the present worsening law and order situation in many parts of our country is due to the non-existing justice in Pakistan; LEAs have to do something at their end to stop the miscreants because they know courts will never punish any body. The fact of the matter is that our courts have never hanged any terrorist produced in front of them in the last decade in the war against terror. This judicial system supports the terrorists and not the state. Justice, or Insaf is the demand of the day, of the people. We believe only Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) can give this to them. Dear people, vote for Imran Khan when you do it next time. Long Live Imran Khan, you are the one, we are with you.