·               Inefficient, extremely slow and mostly corrupt judicial system is the root cause of the frustration of the people. Strong knows that he cannot be touched by the system no matter what crime he does. Poor is sure of not getting the justice. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE.
·               Complete revamp of the judicial system will be done. Judiciary will be told to change into higher gears. Current trend of cases kept pending for years and years will not be tolerated to happen again.
·               One hundred speedy trial courts will be established to clear the backlog. Honest, hard working and efficient judges both retired and serving will be employed.
·               Strong prosecution system will be developed. People will be bound to testify against the offender no matter how powerful the offender may be. State will provide full protection. People need to be educated through media that no one is above the law.
·               Private investigation companies will be issued licenses to operate and help the prosecution.
·               Punitive punishments will be given to those who will commit crime which will be made public.
·               Bribery, nepotism, hoarding, favoritism will be not be tolerated and will be counted as a major offence.
·               Military courts will be established for the terrorists.
·               Police IG of the administrative unit will be all in all both in terms if authority as well as responsibility. He will be directly answerable to the provincial member. He will be solely responsible to ensure the law and order situation of his area. It will be his duty will be to ensure appoint police officers on merit and to hold their accountability.
·                All those who have made illegal money will be given 72 hours to return every single penny of that money along with the interest. If they returned all money they will be allowed to live normal life. After 72 hours all those who will fail to return the money will be punished severely.
·                The returned money will be kept in a separate bank account accessible online by the public.
·                Uses of this money will be decided by live public debate. Possibly for building small dams and other projects with a view to generate economic activities.
·                 All projects completed in last 30 years will be reviewed. Any project found below standards will be ordered to be rebuilt by the same contractor.
·                Judiciary will be fully free, fair and independent. Providing efficient justice system will go a long way in creating a strong and vibrant Pakistan.


  1. • Today it is the second anniversary of the attack on Sri Lankan Cricket team in Lahore. Why no one is up till now held and punished for this heinous crime. How badly the image of Pakistan was damaged because of this one incident. Even video footages were available of the crime but nothing happened, no one was hanged. Politicians are playing musical chair, they have their own motives, and 90% of them are not sincere with the people of Pakistan.
    • Who can forget what happened with two brother in Sialkot, how were they killed in front of a big crowd and police personnel and then their body was dragged in the city. Why our judiciary failed to bring the culprits to justice? Why our rulers and others public servants have forgotten this unfortunate incident.
    • There are so many other incidents like these two mentioned above. Criminals roam around freely while the people are afraid to leave their houses. Can this judicial system work in Pakistan?

  2. The societies without justice are hard to survive. Timely justice is also a must. We all know justice delayed is justice denied.
    Give exemplary punishment to few and rest of the corrupt will be automatically fine.
    No one should be above the law. Full stop.

  3. I am also of the view that judiciary itself requires dynamic change. Overall judiciary faces a lot of challenges and the worse of all is the corruption, ..... of various types. The Qaht ur Rejal that we are facing in Pakistan today in the shape of absence any sincere leader is the only limiting factor. With the leader in place, all menaces of the society could be reined.

  4. People are afraid to give statements against the powerful criminals and the judiciary is consantly in the fear of these powerful people.
    The government should be responsible to provide protection to judicial machinery and to the witnesses. This should be done at any cost to bring the rule of the law back to our beautiful country.
    People should be brave to stand against criminals and government should provide speedy trial courts to provide quick and timely justice to the people.

  5. The existing judicial system is not strong enough to take up the powerful. Poor does not get justice at all or gets it very very late. LOng long proceedings, and never ending next dates coupled with corruption at all level has left judiciary non existent for the poor.
    Change everything in judiciary, bring honest and energetic and not stereo type judges. Speedy trial should be ensured to make the poor belive in the system.

  6. Only fools could expect any good from this judiciary system. This judicial system failed to punish any terrorist, any member of any mafia. These judges including CJP are corrupt and have stakes in the status quo.