Thar Coal Power Generation to Begin this Year

A big good news came for the people of Pakistan from one of the most respectable and well known scientists Dr. Samar Mubarakmand. He had been in the spotlight for quite some time now and the nation respect him a lot. His recent involvement in utilizing natural resources of the country for the common benefit of the people has earned him more respect and nation wide recognition.
Dr Samar Mubarakmand
The worthy scientist has been working on the use of Thar coal to produce electricity and diesel. Recently in a press meeting in Islamabad, the doctor mentioned that this coal reserve is the fifth largest in the world (850 trillion cubic feet) and has energy value more than that of the oil reserves of Saudi Arabia and Iran combined. This coal reserve alone can produce 50,000MW for next 800 years as well 100million barrel per year for next 100 years. The renowned scientist reiterated that our homeland is blessed with rich natural resources; time is not far away when our nation will be benefiting from them too. He also added, that by the end of this year, power generation will start from the first under ground gasification from the coal mines at Thar.

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