Prime Minister and Chief of the Army Staff Together

MINGORA: Chief of the Army Staff Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani addresses Swat People
Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani  said that successful Army Operation in Swat is a result of support rendered by people of Pakistan, enabling military for lodging sustained operations. The sacrifices made by both Army and civilian components of the society have not wasted and now its complete peace in Swat.. He further added that  Pakistan Army is national Army and does not only requires National support but also a collective action by the various organs of the state. In Swat, now the de- radicalization efforts are in place and these can be sustained only if a wholesome response is mounted in the support of Army which also a challenge confronting national security. He further said “Accordingly, Pakistan Army considers people’s support vital for its operations against terrorists, and believes that only the people of Pakistan can determine the national interest and army’s role in their achievement”.

MINGORA: Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani cautioned the United States
While in his address to the Swat people (delivered in English) at a seminar held to showcase a ‘de-radicalization initiative by Pakistan Army’s strongly supported the  programme. The address appeared more to the so-called coalition partners of Pakistan rather than the people of Swat. In his address he voiced his concerns over unease in army resulting from Washington’s moves aimed at discrediting Pakistan government and military which constricts its space of cooperation with the US. He said that the military is also upset over the leaks by US officials, which it says cast their counter-terror efforts in a negative light. “Pursuing narrow interests at the cost of coalition partners and aspirations of people will be self-defeating,” Mr Gilani’s categorically called for respecting Pakistan’s interests and the ‘red lines’ set by it which clearly state aversion to ‘foreign boots in Pakistan’, expansion of drone attacks to Balochistan and maligning of army and ISI. He regretted that American actions adversely impacted his government’s counter-extremism measures.
“Cooperation in counter-terrorism warrants a partnership approach, which fully accommodates others’ interests and respect for the clearly stipulated red lines,” Mr Gilani noted.

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