Religion Policy

·          Religion has been used as a political tool in Pakistan which has resulted into extremism and violence in the country. Our government will not allow this to continue. Pakistan will be liberal but Islamic republic where full respect of all religions and sects will be insured. People will live with full independence in following their respective religion.

·          Full religious rights of every citizen will be protected. However no one will be allowed to use religion and sectarianism to spread violence. Religion will be used to spread light, education, and awareness.
·          All sects and their related activities will be strictly banned forthwith. Related material and terms will also be banned. No shia, sunni, brelvi debates and peculiar activities will be allowed. Real scholars of all sects will be called for a live debate and a balance will be struck on which every mosque will work.

·         Those students who have done Masters in Islamiat or Islamic History along with required Islamic qualification will be appointed as the leaders of the Mosque. They will not living on the alms of the people. Rather they be government employees of BPS 15 and above and will be bound by the government laws.
·          Minorities will have the full religious rights same and equal to that of Muslim population. Their religious leaders will also be government servants with equal perks and privileges.
·          All mosques and churches will be used as two shifts schools as well. NGOs will be allotted areas in which they will be managing the mosques and other religious paces.
·          No madrassa or mosque or any other religious place will be allowed to have extremist teachings. Highest country leader of any such organization will be punished for any violation.


  1. Few extremists and hardliners are bringing bad name to our country. These nned to be brought to justice.
    Pakistan is for peace, justice and harmony among all religious groups living in here.

  2. Our religion is peaceful. Those who have brought bad name should be exposed and brought to justice. Now!!